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HRIS enhances HR processes such as management of employee profiles, accomplishments, benefits, performance, and training. Together with the other information systems, it will automate many existing paper-based processes in UP.   |  LOGIN


  • Comprehensive management of employee data. This includes position and assignment history, benefits earned and used, leave data, education, training, accomplishments, dependents, SALN, performance evaluations, etc.
  • Self-Service: Employees will be able to view and manage their employment data themselves, anytime and anywhere. They will be able to record important and frequently requested information such as publications, creative work, public service and other accomplishments. They can update their education and training as needed.
  • Online processes, including the following:
    • Application for Certificate of Employment
    • Application for Authority to Travel
    • Application for Limited Practice of Profession
    • Application for Leave
    • Application for Authority to Fill
  • Payroll management.
  • Online Performance Evaluation, with consolidation of ratings by office, department, college, etc.
  • Management of training programs and internal job openings.
  • Generation of reports such as SALN, Personnel Data Sheet, PSIPOP, headcount and other real-time reports.
  • Single record reference for personnel with multiple assignments within and outside CU.
  • Integration with SAIS
    • Faculty data used in SAIS will come from HRIS. Data from HRIS and SAIS can be combined to produce Faculty Service Records.
    • Data on dependents, for tuition discounts, will come from HRIS.
    • Data on student employees will come from both systems.
    • Students who graduate and become employees will have their information readily available.