SAIS is a Student Lifecycle data management system encompassing admission application to graduation and alumni tracking. It covers curriculum, advisement, payment, and integration with general ledger in FMIS and employee records in HRIS.   |   LOGIN   Comprehensive management of student records, including academic and financial data, throughout the complete student life cycle from […]

HRIS enhances HR processes such as management of employee profiles, accomplishments, benefits, performance, and training. Together with the other information systems, it will automate many existing paper-based processes in UP.   |  LOGIN   Comprehensive management of employee data. This includes position and assignment history, benefits earned and used, leave data, education, training, accomplishments, dependents, […]

FMIS is the first UP system-wide project to streamline and automate financial processes in accounting and budget and cash management. Financial reports are automatically generated through the FMIS.  |  LOGIN   Comprehensive management and consolidation of all financial information generated and used by the Accounting, Budget, and Cash offices, as well as the other offices […]

UP is a leading university in the use of Business Intelligence and Analytics to fortify its decision-making capability. This is achieved through a data warehouse that consolidates information from all systems, and a powerful visualization tool that generates interactive reports.   Consolidates information from all core systems Generates reports needed for performance evaluation and decision-making […]