Fact or fake? ‘Stop COVID Deaths’ hosts game show type webinar on COVID-19 infodemic

| Written by Deina Blancaflor

The University of the Philippines, in partnership with UP Manila NIH National Telehealth Center, and in cooperation with UP Philippine General Hospital (PGH), would like to invite you to join the fight against COVID-19.

Apart from the COVID-19 pandemic, researchers and the World Health Organization have also warned citizens of a simultaneous “infodemic”—too much information, including false or misleading information, in digital and physical environments during a disease outbreak.

Wrong information can influence one’s behavior, cause panic, seed doubt, and even worsen the transmission of the virus. COVID-19 is the first pandemic heavily tied upon the internet and social media, so steps must be taken in order to control disinformation, misinformation, malinformation, or what we normally know as ‘fake news’.

How do we know if what we’re reading about COVID-19 is fact or fake? Are there red flags to better distinguish what’s real from not? What steps should we consider before sharing these information and updates to our followers and loved ones?

This Friday, October 22, from 12pm-2pm, join us for a game show-style “Stop COVID Deaths” webinar series episode. Titled, “Fact or Fake: Be COVID-19 Social Media Smart!,” speakers who are proficient in communication and digital media will present some of the COVID-19 pieces they’ve encountered, and the audience will vote on whether they’re authentic or not. The speakers will also share tips on how to fact-check and be smarter with the things we share online.

The panel includes Roby Alampay (founder and chairman, Puma Public Productions), Dr. Jason Ligot (international health promotion specialist and Director for Development Communication, Organic Intelligence), Dr. Albert Domingo (health systems specialist), Joy Flavier-Alampay (Executive Director, Asia Society Philippines), and Ceej Tantengco (Head of Communications, PumaPodcast).

UP System Vice President for Public Affairs, Dr. Elena Pernia and UP Manila Chancellor, Dr. Carmencita Padilla, will officially open and close the event.

Register for the webinar here and catch our weekly live tweets and streams via the UP System Twitter Account and TVUP’s YouTube and Facebook pages.

The Stop COVID Deaths Webinar Series is the Philippines’ first and only frontline-focused medical webinar series. It pioneered the discussion, dissemination, and adoption of knowledge on COVID-19 treatment and management. Follow our accounts to stay connected with your credible online community.