UPCAT advisory as of July 30, 2018

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

UPCAT advisory as of July 30, 2018


The deadline for submission of the application forms of students from Metro Manila private high schools was July 27 and was extended to today, July 30, 2018.

All applications submitted today—physically or by courier (timestamped today)—will be accepted as within the deadline. Everyone remaining in line today will be accommodated. To serve the high volume of applicants, lines have been segmented and dropboxes with someone receiving the forms are available at the Office of Admissions. UPCAT applicants are estimated to have risen to 167,000 this year from 103,000 last year, largely because of the free-tuition policy.

As stated on the UPCAT website (upcat.up.edu.ph) applications may be submitted to the Office of Admissions either in person OR through the authorized school representative, OR by courier. Applications sent via courier will not be considered late if posted by courier today. Applicants are urged to utilize courier services to avoid having to line up and to decongest the receiving area.

The deadline for submission for Metro Manila public schools remains August 3 and regional private and public schools August 10. Dropboxes will also be made available on those dates. For today all those in line can either submit through a dropbox or line up for permits.

Instructions may be found on https://upcat.up.edu.ph/htmls/aboutupcat.html.

The public is advised to avoid “fake news” sites and social media accounts supposedly devoted to the UPCAT, some even bearing the UP logo. Official announcements about the UPCAT and the admission procedure are announced only through the following channels:


UPCAT website                                          upcat.up.edu.ph

UPCAT-UP System Facebook page       facebook.com/UPSystemOfficeOfAdmissions

UP System website                                   up.edu.ph

UP System Facebook page                     facebook.com/upsystem

UP System Twitter page                         twitter.com/upsystem