UP MSI’s “Ocean Spirit”: Making learning fun

| Written by Franco Gargantiel II

Screenshot by Rad Gerald Agustin, UPMPRO.

Learning can sometimes be more challenging for some kids. That’s why most educators are developing more educational games. Children may enjoy more and learn more through fun and engaging activities. Enter the newest educational game with a uniquely Philippine marine ecology twist, “Ocean Spirit.”

UPMSI’s Dr. Maria Vanessa Rodriguez shares the marine science and conservation behind the game during the launch. Screenshot by Rad Gerald Agustin, UP MPRO.

“Ocean Spirit” is a personality quiz and screen share game about different marine species of the Philippines that aims to highlight the rich marine biodiversity in the country and the need for biodiversity conservation in a fun and entertaining way. It was developed by Balangay Entertainment for the University of the Philippines Center for Research and Awareness of Diverse Living Environments (UP CRADLE) at Puerto Galera under the UP MSI, through the support of Toyota Motor Philippines Foundation, Inc. “Ocean Spirit” is one of the first projects of the UP Puerto Galera Biodiversity Center, which will have a program focused on science communication and environmental education to protect the Philippines’ Verde Island Passage (VIP), the global center of marine biodiversity.

Speaking during the launch, Dr. Laura David, UP MSI Director, had this to say about games and how influential they can be when it comes to learning: “Games are windows to a culture. They can highlight the value that we impart to our kids. Games can teach survival skills, communication skills, cooperation, competition, empathy. They can also be used to crystalize new concepts throughout experiential learning.”

Dr. Laura David, UP MSI Director. Screenshot by Rad Gerald Agustin, UP MPRO.

“Today’s launching of Ocean Spirit is a testament that we can do more when the academe and industry come together to pursue noble causes. I firmly believe that with this collaboration of UP and Toyota Motor Philippines, both institutions can achieve their common goal of reduced carbon footprint and enhanced biodiversity.” says Ronald Gaspar, TMPF Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager.

Mr. Ronald Gaspar, TMPF Assistant Vice President and Operations Manager (right). Screenshot by Rad Gerald Agustin, UP MPRO.

Watch the launch of the UP MSI’s “Ocean Spirit” interactive game on the UP MSI’s Facebook page.

“Ocean Spirit” can be played via two methods: solo and multiplayer. The solo mode is a simple personality game where players can determine their ocean spirit animal based on their answers. A multiplayer mode allows players to share their screens and guess which ocean spirit best fits them for those who want to play with friends. Players can also learn more about the different ocean spirit animals with additional info after each round. They can even share their results with their friends and families through social media.

Try the game today by yourself or with your friends at https://biome-upmsi.github.io/Ocean-Spirit/. Screenshot by Rad Gerald Agustin, UP MPRO.

If you are looking for a fun and interactive learning experience about marine life in the Philippines and how to help in their conservation, then “Ocean Spirit” is the perfect game for you. It is enjoyable to all age groups and accessible while making important information about marine life easy to understand.

Check out this link, https://biome-upmsi.github.io/Ocean-Spirit/, to play and discover what ocean spirit animal you are today!