UP Min Comm Arts students launch Dengue fever detection and management campaign

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Dengue Fever detection and management campaign
(Photo courtesy of UP Mindanao)


Fourth year BA Communication Arts students of UP Mindanao conducted a campaign called “Dehydration Bantayan, Peligro sa Dengue Malikayan” at the covered court of Purok 10, Barangay Talomo Proper, Davao City on May 18.

The campaign highlighted the importance of hydration as a key preventive measure when one is diagnosed with dengue fever. It emphasized the early detection and proper response during dengue fever’s initial stages. At the same time it also addressed the misconceptions and malpractices that people usually do during the course of dengue detection.

More than 60 mothers and household heads attended the said campaign.

Ernie Cequiña, Tropical Nurse Unit head from the City Health Office advised the mothers to consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Meawhile, Dr. Richard Mata, DOH Consultant for dengue, highlighted that known remedies such as drinking of tawa-tawa­ tea, eating durian, and eating balut do not necessarily bring one’s platelet count back to normal. Instead, a person infected with dengue should be brought to a doctor as soon as possible, and should be hydrated.


Dengue Fever detection and management campaign
(Photo courtesy of UP Mindanao)


Informational materials, tumblers, fans, and vitamins were distributed to the participating mothers. Most importantly, hydrite salts were also distributed to aid mothers in the hydration process of the children.

The campaign was organized by fourth year students of BA Communication Arts from UP Mindanao, under their Communication Planning course advised by Professor Nelfa Glova, with the aim to reach out to different communities and address the community’s problems and promote awareness, more particularly with regards to health.

The campaign was in collaboration with the local barangay hall in Talomo and Davao City Health Office.

Barangay Talomo Proper was reported to have the highest incidence of dengue cases from January to May, followed by Brgy. Bunawan, and Brgy. Maa. (Karla Gericka Gador, UP Mindanao)