UP holds 2nd webinar series on online resources for UP students

| Posted by UP Media and Public Relations Office


This March, the University Library Diliman’s Information Services and Instruction Section is conducting the second “Discovering Connections, Connecting Discoveries” webinar series, featuring new online resources available for the constituents of the University of the Philippines (UP) System.

The previous webinars, which were held last February, were aimed at UP faculty and staff. This time, the new series of webinars, which will be held via Zoom teleconferencing from March 18 to 26, 2021, is aimed at UP students.

The schedule of the new webinars, with their respective registration links, is as follows:

Mar. 18, Thursday, 10:00 AM – Exploring Gateways to Online Resources and Academic Integrity **popular**

Mar. 19, Friday, 10:00 AM – Discovering a Treasure Trove of Local and International Resources

Mar. 22, Monday, 10:00 AM – Visual Learning and Teaching with Audiovisual Databases

Mar. 23, Tuesday, 10:00 AM – Getting to Know Reference and Multidisciplinary Resources **popular**

Mar. 24, Wednesday, 10:00 AM – Strengthening Your Research in Arts & Humanities

Mar. 25, Thursday, 10:00 AM – Empowering Knowledge with Elsevier Tools **popular**

Mar. 26, Friday, 9:00 AM – Smart Searching Tips

Mar. 26, Friday, 10:30 AM – The Do’s and Don’ts of Referencing and Citation **popular**



Webinars marked as **popular** are the sessions that received the most positive feedback among UP students. Students are highly encouraged to attend all the webinars to gain more knowledge about the resources on remote learning available to them, but if they are only able to attend a few, then the webinars marked **popular** are to be given priority. The webinars also tackle some frequently asked questions such as inquiries about remote access, reference and citation, and how to use EBSCO and ScienceDirect databases.


Download the webinar schedule here.

Click the photo to download.