UP announces grading policy for the rest of AY 2021-2022 and Midyear 2022

| Written by Arlyn VCD Palisoc Romualdo

The Quezon Hall, University of the Philippines Diliman. UP MPRO file photo.


On April 29, the University of the Philippines Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs (UP OVPAA) issued Memorandum No. 2022-09B, “Grading Policy Related to Remote Teaching and Learning Implemented for the Second Semester/Trimester, Third Trimester AY 2021-2022, and Midyear 2022”.

What remains enforced: the no-fail policy, no grade of 4 or 5, and giving a grade of DRP to a student whose class standing is “failing” or whose class performance is unsatisfactory, and that DRP will be annotated with “due to COVID-19 pandemic”.

The no-fail policy does not apply to cases where the student is guilty of intellectual dishonesty.

Specific scenarios for getting DRP include those who never participated in class nor communicated with the course instructor, with incomplete requirements and “failing” standing, with incomplete requirements but still “failing” even after getting a perfect score in their lacking requirement, and with complete requirements yet “failing” class standing.

“Faculty members are urged to exercise utmost prudence in using the DROP option for students in difficult circumstances due to the COVID-19 pandemic or the devastating typhoons, who, in their judgment, are nevertheless striving to meet academic requirements,” according to the UP OVPAA memo.

What has changed: rules on INC will now be strictly applied. Who will receive INC marks? Those whose class standing is “passing” but have not completed the course requirements. If they cannot meet the condition within the prescribed one-year period, the INC will remain and be annotated with “due to COVID-19 pandemic”. If the student retakes the course instead of completing the requirement but later decides to just complete the course requirements, then the student should first drop the re-enrolled course before completing the course requirements where they got an INC.

Those with “passing” class standing and who have completed the course requirements shall receive a final numerical grade.

Students enrolled in courses that require in-person activities for course completion, such as laboratory, thesis, or dissertation, will have their grades deferred, following OVPAA Memo No. 2021-19A. When these courses have been allowed to conduct limited face-to-face sessions or alternatives as provided by OVPAA Memo 2021-5, the student may be given a grade at the end of the term.

The OVPAA memo also states that students’ grades in the second semester/trimester, third trimester AY 2021-2022, and midyear 2022 will be part of the general weighted average or GWA computation.