TVUP to launch on CIGNAL TV Channel 101

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

TVUP, the television network operated by the University of the Philippines (UP), will officially launch on CIGNAL TV Channel 101 on October 11, 2022.

Since its inception as an internet television network in November 2016, iTVUP was organized as a public digital library of open educational resources (OERs) that could be easily accessed and freely shared among students and teachers nationally and internationally.

Even then, UP recognized the value of iTVUP to produce supplementary learning materials for students and faculty of UP, state colleges and universities (SUCs), private higher educational institutions (HEls), and the general public.

In June 2022, a partnership between UP and Cignal TV Inc. established TVUP as a broadcast satellite channel available on Cignal 101. With this partnership, TVUP has been expanding its operations by producing quality productions, such as documentaries, magazine shows, lectures, game shows, animations, teleseryes, info-tainment shows, and other shows for the benefit not only of UP students and faculty but also of the general public.

TVUP is a testament to UP’s character as the national university, a teaching, research, public service, and global/regional university, shared freely with all state universities and colleges, private and public.

According to UP President L. Danilo Concepcion, TVUP’s availability as a digital channel was a “perfect opportunity to nurture lifelong learning in our people.” He added that, through TVUP on Cignal 101, UP’s knowledge resources could be extended to as many Filipinos as possible, “whether these are students looking to enrich their lessons or ordinary citizens who wish to gain more knowledge and develop skills.”

TVUP exists as a public space to inspire innovation, creativity, critical thinking and understanding, and respect for diversity of cultures. Its lineup of high-quality programs showcases scientific breakthroughs, Philippine culture, and society, national issues and concerns, etc.

With almost 600 video productions, TVUP is an important medium in implementing a blended learning environment.