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What is or was your favorite place to hang out in UP (whether your own campus or elsewhere) and why?

On your campus, what place would you recommend for your visitors to see or to experience, and why?

What kind of place, facility or service would you like to see (or see more of) in your campus?


Prof. Maureen Anne Araneta College of Architecture UP Diliman
Prof. Maureen Anne Araneta
College of Architecture
UP Diliman


The park-like ambience of UP Diliman, as a veritable oasis in a busy metropolis—with its trees, distinctive buildings, green open spaces and numerous artwork—is a blessing that we cherish. However, it is also an ever-present reminder that something so precious is constantly under threat of despoliation. What we hope as the institutional permanence of the University partly stands on how well we can preserve the park-like qualities of the campus.

I am not being noncommittal when I say I have no single favorite place in UP Diliman. It is the totality of the campus environs which I find most meaningful. With this, all the more do I feel that we have the inherent responsibility to preserve its essential character while responding to the dynamic milieu that it serves for the rest of Quezon City. This is evidently a formidable task that only proper planning and dogged commitment can hope to fulfill. We must seek the help of our experts (which luckily the University has many of), we must engage the community (which is comprised of generations of faculty, staff and service personnel) and we must adhere to a proper campus plan which incorporates art and cultural resources, ecological diversity, proper land use, thorough maintenance and social well-being.

The meaningfulness of the campus environs that I speak of is best experienced by walking. I suggest starting the walk in the quiet circuit of the UPCA Complex, PAUW and the OUR-OA, onward along Velasquez Street to merge with the hidden pedestrian paths through the National Science Complex (with a momentary breather spent at the NSC Amphitheater), upwards along Regidor Street to walk past the Pagasa Observatory, CHE and Benitez Hall, and finally beneath the trees of the Academic Oval to end the walk at the Oblation Plaza in Quezon Hall. A long trek indeed, but it is well worth taking the time and foot power to experience first-hand the ambience that is unequivocally UP Diliman.