The UP FORUM Roundtable Discussion on SPORTS

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Percival Balite Assistant Professor 1 Department of Human Kinetics College of Arts and Sciences UP Los Baños
Percival Balite
Assistant Professor 1
Department of Human Kinetics
College of Arts and Sciences
UP Los Baños


What was your most memorable PE subject and why?

It was PE 2 (wrestling) in UP Diliman in 2006. It was memorable for me because of its novelty. Our professor, Prof. Norberto Madrigal, was very well-versed in the sport, and his method of teaching was not only accommodating but was also patient. The class in itself, to me, was not just practical in engaging you physically and strategically; it also planted seeds for a budding competitive sport.


What sports, games, or physical activity do you engage in? What about it do you like the most?

At present, I am an assistant professor in the Department of Human Kinetics (DHK), CAS, UPLB. I teach football, futsal, weight training, and chess as HK12 activities (formerly known as PE 2). I also coach the UPLB Football Team. Other than the aforementioned activities, I also engage in various sports and forms of leisure, like ten-pin bowling, e-sports, darts, and camping, to name a few.

What I like most about sports is its ability to cultivate character, culture, camaraderie, and long-lasting friendships. Sports for recreation is also intrinsically fun, educational, and competitive.


Aside from basketball, volleyball, and football, what other sports or PE subjects do you think should UP offer or promote?

I believe that UP should be spearheading the promotion of all sports, and also, sports for all. For instance, the DHK will soon be offering a new HK12 activity, billiards. The department is also preparing to offer other new activities such as darts, sports climbing, and Ultimate Frisbee in the near future. Here in UPLB, we have thriving teams, such as swimming and athletics, which do not receive the same attention as the “bigger” sports—volleyball, basketball, and football.


What do you think will it take for UP to become UAAP overall champion again?

As a graduate of Sports Science and with an MS in Human Movement Science at the College of Human Kinetics (CHK) in UP Diliman, I know that this is currently being addressed and acted upon by Dean Ronualdo Dizer. The CHK and UP Diliman are in the process of building new facilities, such as an artificial-turf football field and a modern track and field area, that will help not only in the training of our current pool of athletes, but also in attracting elite coaches and high school sportsmen to enlist in the University. The same can be said for us here in UPLB. Besides a new baseball field, we now also have new tennis courts and weight training equipment. Plans for the improvement of our sports complex are also in the works, if not already in effect.