The UP FORUM Roundtable Discussion on SPORTS

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Katherine Adrielle R. Bersola BS Sports Science 2017 UP Diliman First Year Student, College of Medicine UP Manila
Katherine Adrielle R. Bersola
BS Sports Science 2017
UP Diliman
First Year Student, College of Medicine
UP Manila


What was your most memorable PE subject and why?

Being a varsity athlete in the university, I did not have to take PE classes. However, we were required to take electives in my course, sports science. The most memorable one for me was basic weight training because I learned all about the different exercises that can be done in resistance training or in the gym, what muscles they target, how to do them properly, how to teach the exercises to others, and how to plan out a weight training program. I believe it was a very practical class which I could truly apply in life and in my sport.


What sports, games, or physical activity do you engage in? What about it do you like the most?

I engage in a lot of sports and physical activity, but those I really trained for and usually play are volleyball, basketball, taekwondo, and weight training. My favorite thing about these activities is the way I get to improve myself, not only physically, but in all aspects of life, while having fun and developing relationships with others. There is so much development, values, and life lessons gained when participating in sports.


Aside from basketball, volleyball, and football, what other sports or PE subjects do you think should UP offer or promote?

For sports and the UAAP, I think all the events should be promoted because all the athletes deserve the support and this can be a good way for the students to develop interest in different activities. For PE, I believe weight training should be promoted because of the current gym culture, especially in the youth. Also, it is practical, low-risk with the proper guidance, and accessible.


What do you think will it take for UP to become UAAP overall champion again?

I think greater support, in all types, coming from the school will go a long way for all the teams. Better facilities and equipment that will be available to all the teams, better recruitment programs for all sports because we all know how competitive the other schools are in the recruitment wars, I could go on and on about the problems the teams face. The world of sports is multifactorial and competitive teams need a lot, but I know that the heart and hunger to win is present in all our players. We just need a little help and inspiration.