The UP FORUM Roundtable Discussion on SPORTS

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Pilar Ma. Celine P. Mesina   BS Industrial Pharmacy  College of Pharmacy  UP Manila
Pilar Ma. Celine P. Mesina
BS Industrial Pharmacy
College of Pharmacy
UP Manila


What was your most memorable PE subject and why?

My most memorable PE subject was my first PE, folk dance under Ma’am Dioquino. Folk dance requires dancing in pairs, but back then, my blockmates and I were not yet close friends and we were still shy, so dancing was awkward! Towards the end, it became group dances. I remember the girls were practicing Pandanggo sa Ilaw where we would put a glassful of water on top of our heads while changing from standing to lying on our bellies to rolling to the left and right. Imagine, there was spilled water everywhere! The boys were busy perfecting their hand-and-body coordination for Maglalatik, which was no joke! The dancers should have timing and grace. Our final exam was an intermission number for the annual dance recital where all PE dance classes showcased their moves and were up for winning in their categories. We had a great time, and guess what? After our performance, we had to clean up.


What sports, games, or physical activity do you engage in? What about it do you like the most?

I like swimming and volleyball. Swimming relaxes my mind, just me and the water. Not only is it good for the heart and the lungs, but it also exercises your whole-body coordination minus the feel of sweating! Volleyball, on the other hand, emphasizes team effort and camaraderie. Everyone is an essential player and everyone must move to gain a point. Win or lose, it’s the friends you make at the end of the game and the skills to improve on for the next game that matter.


Aside from basketball, volleyball, and football, what other sports or PE subjects do you think should UP offer or promote?

UP should promote dancing! In UP Manila, folk dance, social dance, street dance, hip-hop, jazz, etc. are offered. During finals, a recital is hosted by the Department of Physical Education to showcase the talents of students through a friendly competition. After that, it’s DPE’s turn to showcase the faculty’s talents by showing us contemporary moves and the students are in awe, cheering for their professors. Although UP has representatives in street dance and cheer dance competitions, I think its dance classes should still be promoted.


What do you think will it take for UP to become UAAP overall champion again?

I know the athletes of the university are training hard, giving their all and doing their best in their respective sports to bring home the bacon and pride to UP. Aside from more training times, I guess moral support and cheers from our fellow iskos and iskas might go a long long way for our athletes. Let’s keep the fires of our athletes burning as we cheer “U-ni-bersidad ng Pilipinas!” as they go and fight to represent our university!