The UP FORUM Roundtable Discussion on SPORTS

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Robby Lagmay Solis BS Economics 2008 UP Diliman Consultant, House of Representatives
Robby Lagmay Solis
BS Economics 2008
UP Diliman
Consultant, House of Representatives


What was your most memorable PE subject and why?

Judo, because it was where I was able to grow and develop into a varsity athlete. I learned the fundamentals and techniques of the sport not only through rigorous training, but also through an honest-to-goodness study of literature on the martial arts.


What sports, games, or physical activity do you engage in? What about it do you like the most?

I play multiple sports such as judo, powerlifting, basketball, athletics, running, breakdancing, swimming, volleyball, badminton, ballroom dancing, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and various martial arts, among others. I like cross-training in various sports because I get to adapt to different movements. Also, cross-training keeps me mentally alert, hence the saying “a sound mind in a sound body.”


Aside from basketball, volleyball, and football, what other sports or PE subjects do you think should UP offer or promote?

I definitely believe that UP should promote Philippine games and basic self-defense as staples in the list of PE subjects. This is because our country is so rich in its culture that we have a variety of games to choose from. As to self-defense, I believe that UP students need to be equipped with techniques to defend themselves should the need arises.


What do you think will it take for UP to become UAAP overall champion again?

When it comes to talent, UP has an abundance of it. While there have been initiatives to support our varsity teams, there should be consistency with respect to training for the UAAP games. With the right mix of talents, support, discipline, and guidance from the Lord, UP will go back to its winning tradition.