The UP FORUM Roundtable Discussion on SPORTS

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Fernando P. Florendo Coordinator, Human Kinetics Program UP Baguio
Fernando P. Florendo
Coordinator, Human Kinetics Program
UP Baguio


What was your most memorable PE subject and why?

I have two memorable PE subjects: PE 1 Foundations of Physical Fitness since it deals with all the basics of fitness including exercise physiology, health, and wellness. The other is PE 2 Swimming, a required course for BS Biology students, which is the most difficult and risky PE 2 course to teach since extra precautions are very much needed compared to the other PE 2 courses. The teacher and students would travel for an hour going to, and an hour and a half coming from, the venue which passes through steep roads.


What sports, games, or physical activity do you engage in? What about it do you like the most?

I am currently active in playing sports such as table tennis in which I used to compete both nationally and internationally, in basketball and volleyball as an intrams player, in petanque, and swimming as a form of recreation. I also do Zumba and Strong Zumba since it is a required fitness activity for employees.


Aside from basketball, volleyball, and football, what other sports or PE subjects do you think should UP offer or promote?

UP should promote individual sports (badminton, table tennis, petanque, etc.) as well as dance sports (ballroom, cheer, street, etc.) in which UP is already excelling, but which are not as popular as the ball games (basketball, volleyball and football). UP should also promote leisure activities (outdoor recreation, orienteering, bird watching, nature walks, etc.) which enhance awareness of and concern for the environment.


What do you think will it take for UP to become UAAP overall champion again?

UP should at least equal if not surpass the other UAAP schools’ offerings. However, to begin with, it is better said than done since it is the only public school in the UAAP. Funding is limited by COA rules unlike in the private schools. Only strong support from the alumni or private institutions could offset this disadvantage, although it could be said that UP is UP where quality education is second to none. It still cannot be helped that poor but gifted athletes become practical what with the present economic realities. Some UAAP schools offer much more than just scholarships—uniforms, housing, allowances, and the like. For instance, Hans Sy was quoted in a news article that NU even provides employment to the athlete’s parents through SM. How can we beat that? Perhaps another move would be to ban imports to put all the teams on an equal footing.