The ABCs of Gen XYZ: Understanding our Learners

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Due to the success of the GEC Lecture for UPD GE Faculty entitled “The ABCs of GEn XYZ: Understanding Our Learners” conducted for the CAL and CSSP faculty during the first quarter of 2020, the General Education Center (GEC) Diliman, will once again hold the Lecture as a webinar. This webinar will now open to all colleges and units in UPD and other CUs, even for non-GE faculty members.

Title: GEC Lecture for UP Faculty: “The ABCs of GEn XYZ: Understanding Our Learners”

Schedule: 23 November 2020 (Monday), 9:00 AM – 11:30 AM

Brief description:
The webinar is a one and a half hour lecture with a 30-minute open forum / Q&A afterwards. The resource speaker will share her rich experience and informed knowledge on educational psychology (e.g. generational differences between Generations X, Y, Z, how to educate Generation Z or the iGEn students, identify their psychosocial needs, how the faculty can respond to these, etc.).

Intended audience: UP faculty members

Resource speaker: Professor Grace S. Koo, College of Education, UP Diliman

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