The UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team launches new features in, a web portal created to provide the public with vital information and tools in the fight against COVID-19. New resources to the dashboard include features that show Case Projections, the State of Transmissions in NCR based on LGU data, Municipal/City Density Map based on current active cases, and a Policy Sourcebook on COVID-19.

Addressing the Immediate Needs of All, Especially the Most Vulnerable Sectors: Analysis And Recommendations

Social, economic, and political inequalities are starkly manifested in times of disasters. The unequal distribution of power, wealth, privilege, and opportunities in societies and among individuals results in disparate vulnerabilities and resilience to humanitarian crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it becomes even more critical to ensure the inclusion and meaningful participation of the vulnerable and excluded, and to address differentiated economic and social needs.

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In a press briefing at Malacañang Palace on 21 April 2020, the scientific findings by the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team on age-group social interactions and its implications on flattening the so-called epidemic curve was presented. For everyone’s guidance on the matter, the UP COVID-19 Pandemic Response Team is issuing this statement.