UP employees to get fourth tranche of their rice subsidy for 2023

| Written by Jo. Florendo B. Lontoc

University of the Philippines (UP) President Angelo Jimenez has just approved the release before the year ends of the fourth tranche of the 2023 rice subsidy for the University’s faculty members; research, extension, and professional staff (REPS); and administrative employees.

A memorandum from UP Vice President for Administration Augustus Resurreccion, dated October 24, 2023, says the fourth tranche, in the amount of P2,350 each, will be available starting December 7, 2023.

Those holding confidential and managerial positions are entitled to the subsidy in the form of cash. Administrative employees will be given a minimum of 47 kilograms of rice once a supplier is awarded a contract through procurement. In the case of failed bidding, the UP Vice President for Administration can approve requests by the campuses to convert the subsidy into cash.

The rice subsidy in four tranches has been approved and authorized by the Board of Regents, UP’s highest governing body, after collective negotiation with UP’s academic employees and workers unions. All UP faculty members, REPS, and administrative employees with regular items—including temporary, UP contractual, casual, coterminous and substitute employees, with employer-employee relations with the University, who will have rendered at least three months of active service as of December 31, 2023—are entitled to the fourth tranche rice subsidy for 2023. Project-based employees who have rendered the minimum length of service are also entitled if funds are provided for in the budget of the projects.

Those who have rendered service for less than three months but not less than two months are entitled to P1,600; and those who have rendered for less than two months but not less than a month are entitled to P800.

Read the memorandum here: Memo-No.-ACR-23-50_Guidelines-on-the-Release-of-the-Fourth-Tranche-of-the-Rice-Subsidy-for-FY-2023.