On the Interim Appointment of the OASD Director

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

There have recently been reports that outgoing UP Diliman Chancellor Fidel R. Nemenzo has appointed CHK Dean Francis Diaz as interim Office for Athletics and Sports Development (OASD) Director. In light of this, Vice President for Legal Affairs Abraham Rey M. Acosta stresses that Executive Order No. 15-02 establishing the OASD explicitly states that while it is the Chancellor who recommends the Director of the OASD, it is the President who approves and appoints the same.

As of today, no recommendation has been forwarded to the Office of the President by the Office of the Diliman Chancellor.

The VP for Legal Affairs acknowledges that though the Office of the Director of OASD has remained vacant throughout the term of Chancellor Nemenzo, the recommendation for the appointment of the OASD Director should be left to the next Chancellor, who will be elected by the Board of Regents on 27 April 2023, given that: (1) the recommendation is being made by Chancellor Nemenzo, whose term ends on 1 March 2023 and is on holdover capacity only until 2 March 2023; and (2) the term “interim” to characterize the Directorship of OASD is not in accordance with current legal processes in the appointment of UP personnel, and the use of interim appointments is reserved to appointments that require Board of Regents approval.

In the meantime, the University will continue to work with the varsity teams and various support groups to address the concerns and needs of our athletes.

Prof. Jose Wendell P. Capili
Vice President for Public Affairs

To view the memorandum from the Office of the Vice President for Legal Affairs, please click here.