Climate Change and COVID: What happens now?

| Written by Deina Blancaflor



Climate change is said to be the greatest threat to public health. There are multiple and complex pathways for the negative impacts of climate change, from issues on food security, injuries, and disasters, to catastrophic events. Climate change also triggers slow onset events (SOE) like rising sea levels, which may threaten archipelagos like the Philippines.

How can everyone prepare for these scenarios? What is the main role of the health sector in climate action? 

This Friday, February 3, from 12nn to 2 pm, the University of the Philippines (UP), in partnership with UP Manila National Institutes of Health (NIH), National Telehealth Center (NTC), and cooperation with UP-PGH, invite you to join the fight against C.O.V.I.D—current COVID-19 problems, other outbreaks, viruses, infections, and disasters.

In this special episode of the “Stop C.O.V.I.D Deaths” webinar series, titled “Climate Change and Post-COVID-19 Health Security,” the webinar will deviate from its usual format as it welcomes a partnership with the Asian Development Bank (ADB). Dr. Eduardo Banzon, ADB Principal Health Specialist for Southeast Asia Development, will open the webinar with his message. He oversees the bank’s work in 11 countries and has prioritized climate and health in its work plan.

Dr. Susan Pineda Mercado, Co-chair of the National Panel of Technical Experts of the Philippine Climate Change Commission and recently appointed Co-editor and Regional Advisor for Asia and the Pacific for The British Medical Journal will be the main speaker.

She will be followed by the Department of Emergency Medicine Chair at UP-PGH, Dr. Teodoro J. Herbosa.

The closing remarks will be delivered by Dr. Stella Marie L. Jose, Head of the Expanded Education and Training Office at UP-PGH.

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Join us in this webinar in partnership with ADB through Technical Assistance 6767, which organizes the SECURE Webinar Series as a platform to document, disseminate, and promote innovative approaches for COVID-19 vaccination among Southeast Asia developing members. It serves as a venue for knowledge and exchange of information among governments, development partners, civil society organization networks, and other key stakeholders.

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