CALL FOR PROPOSALS: Midyear Competitions and Workshops for UP Students

| Posted by UP Media and Public Relations Office


In the spirit of harnessing the creativity and critical thinking of its students, the University of the Philippines, through the Office of the Vice President for Public Affairs, is calling for proposals for competitions and workshops during the Midyear term.

Intended for the engagement and participation of students in all the constituent units of the University, the proposals are expected to maximize the use of online performance arts, speech competitions, digital video competitions, online games, online trainings on wellness and mindfulness, as well as interactive games.

Submissions must be made by recognized student organizations based on any of the constituent units of the University. Inter-CU collaborations are also encouraged. The project teams in these proposal activities must be UP students. The event must be doable from July to mid-September 2021.

The proposals must be submitted to the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Competitions and Workshops. These must be in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which will contain the following:

  1.  A narrative background explaining the nature of the project and its contribution to the creative and critical thinking of UP students, method of implementation, a project timeline (activity and proposed timeframe), and an evaluation plan
  2. Quality and suitability to the topic
  3. Audience of the project
  4. Explanation of the feasibility of the project within grant timeframe
  5. Annotated budget proposal

The proposals will be presented and evaluated by the Ad Hoc Committee. Proponents of the chosen proposals will be notified by the Committee.

Deadline for submission of proposals is on Monday, July 26, 2021. Please submit your proposals through