Call for Papers: Asian Journalism Research Conference 2017

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office

The Department of Journalism of the University of the Philippines Diliman will hold the Asian Journalism Research Conference 2017 on 26-27 April 2017 at the College of Mass Communication, UP Diliman, Quezon City.

Originally organized as the annual Philippine Journalism Research Conference (PJRC), the AJRC is part of the department’s extension work, aimed at encouraging journalism students and researchers in conducting studies on the profession and the issues which confronting its professionals. The conference is intended to:

  1. Encourage Mass Communication and Journalism students around the country to pursue research in the field;
    2. Provide Journalism students from around the country a venue in which to share their research regarding timely Journalism issues and its subjects;​
    3. Help build a body of research on timely themes in Journalism studies;​
    4. Build a network of Journalism schools and academics throughout the country.

This year’s theme, The Fourth Estate: Revisiting the Normative Ideals of Journalism in a Multimedia Era, will tackle issues such as:

*The role of Journalism in the 21st century
* Journalists views on journalism
*Impact of Media Ownership on the News
*Journalism Safety
*Citizen expectations and perspectives on journalism
*Advocacy vis-à-vis Journalism
*Information versus propaganda
*News values versus value-laden news
*Millenials as news prosumers
*Traditional legacies versus commercialization
*Relevance of Media ethics
*Who is a journalist?

The concept of the Fourth Estate is founded on democratic ideals that assign journalism and journalists as the guardians of public interests. In Journalism Studies, the normative dimensions are taken as “a given”, notwithstanding the fact that the media within the Asian region has – since the turn of the 20th century – adopted various models from the Western press liberal models to some Asian authoritarian models.

This conference seeks to promote Journalism Studies in the Asian region, where issues of press freedom and media responsibility abound. It will examine the normative legacies of journalism vis-à-vis the realities of today’s multimedia environment, which has resulted in the new paradigms of Journalism, affecting all aspects–from news gathering to newswriting to news distribution. The conference also seeks to explore ethical issues brought about by new technologies, the gray line between advocacy and journalism and the increasing trust issues between media and the public.

Abstracts should be submitted to on or before March 1, 2017. Please indicate in the email subject line “AJRC 2017 abstract”​. Abstracts submissions should be 500-750 words. Please include name/s of author/s, year level, course and school, contact email and mobile numbers.

The conference will have two kinds of presentations:

  1. For oral presentation only
    II. For oral presentation and paper competition

For oral presentation only

Open to undergraduate and masteral students in any Asian university. Students should submit an abstract on or before for oral presentation in the following categories:

  1. Academic research (AR) – Thesis or full research papers on journalism studies;
    2. Investigative report (IR) – Investigative reports written or produced for print, broadcast or online media;
    3. Special project (SP) – In-depth features or analysis in text, audio, photo, video or multimedia

For oral presentation and paper competition

Open to Philippine undergraduate students only. As in the past years of the Philippine Journalism Research Conferences (PJRC), three student awards will be given for best academic research, best investigative report and best special project.

Apart from the abovementioned awards, there will be a special citation for investigative and/or feature stories (under special projects) for the following sub-themes in 2017:

  1. Best Investigative Report on Road Safety
    2. Best Investigative Report or Special Project on Science Journalism

The AJRC 2017 was organized in collaboration with the Fakultas Ilmu Sosial Dan Ilmu Politik of the Universitas Gadjah Mada, the University of Santo TomasVera Files, the Philippine Press Institute and the Asian Congress for Media and Communication.