This December saw the return of a familiar sight in UP campuses across the nation as crowds gathered—the first time for many since the COVID-19 pandemic began—to celebrate their respective pag-iilaw or lighting ceremonies. From UP’s Baguio to Mindanao campus, officials, performers, and onlookers gathered to switch on the lights and decorations that herald the […]

University of the Philippines (UP) campuses marked the beginning of their celebration of the holidays with the traditional pag-iilaw or lighting ceremony, when officials turned on the holiday lanterns and decorations on campus. UP Diliman had its pag-iilaw on December 3, 2021. It is celebrating the holidays with the theme, “Ugnayan at Pagpupugay: Tulay ng […]

Dr. Corazon Abansi, who previously served as Vice-Chancellor for Academic Affairs, started her three-year term as the third chancellor of UP Baguio (UPB) on April 14. While UPB has been a constituent university for a little over 18 years, Abansi is only its third chancellor, as both Rovillos and UPB’s first chancellor, Dr. Priscilla Supnet Macansantos, served three consecutive terms.

Good news has been coming out of Baguio City in the Cordillera Administrative Region, whose local government has been commended recently by a World Health Organization delegation for their local COVID-19 response and contact tracing strategy. Will there be more good news from the City of Pines about potential COVID-19 vaccines? Find out in the upcoming public webinar on “COVIDIZATION 101: A webinar on COVID-19 Update in Baguio City and Potential Vaccines,” with Dr. Donnabel Tubera-Panes, head of the Baguio HSO Epidemiology Surveillance Unit, as guest speaker. The webinar, which is organized by the UP Baguio College of Science Lecture Series Committee and the UP Biology Society, will be held via Zoom on August 12, 2020 at 10:30 a.m.