Addressing the Immediate Needs of All, Especially the Most Vulnerable Sectors: Analysis And Recommendations

Social, economic, and political inequalities are starkly manifested in times of disasters. The unequal distribution of power, wealth, privilege, and opportunities in societies and among individuals results in disparate vulnerabilities and resilience to humanitarian crises such as the COVID-19 pandemic. Thus, it becomes even more critical to ensure the inclusion and meaningful participation of the vulnerable and excluded, and to address differentiated economic and social needs.

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As of 20 April, there are 52 confirmed cases in Region VI Western Visayas, with age range of 21-94 years old, median age of 52 years, and most affected age group of 41-50 years old. The most affected are the male gender with 31 cases (69%). Eight cases have recovered while seven cases have died (DOH).