Institutional Linkages

Internationally recognized as the leading educational institution in the country, UP is the only Philippine university in the Association of Pacific Rim Universities (APRU), where membership is based on the nomination and votes of member universities. UP is also the only Philippine university in the ASEAN-European University Network, a network of universities offering comprehensive graduate degree programs. It is a founding member of and is one of only three Philippine universities in the ASEAN University Network (AUN).

The University of the Philippines lives as a nerve center for most local and foreign private and government and non-government institutions by providing the much needed academic, professional and leadership training in the undergraduate, graduate, post-doctoral and even professional levels. To date, UP, being the National University, has Memoranda of Agreement or Memoranda of Understanding with about three hundred foreign academic institutions throughout the world that also play a significant role in the formation of their societies.

The Office of International Linkages

The Office of Institutional Linkages is a unit under the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs. It is mandated to identify and explore areas of cooperation and linkages with foreign and local institutions.  It promotes academic collaboration with local and foreign universities in the form of student and faculty and student exchange, joint research, exchange of publication, sponsorship of conference and other academic activities. The office is engage in the initiation, planning, implementation and monitoring of linkage activities.

The office also participates in the implementation of student exchange program with partner universities. It facilitates the application and endorsement of UP students who wishes to participate in the exchange program with local or foreign universities.  Also, it provides assistance to foreign exchange students who are studying in UP under the benefit of memorandum of agreement between their home university and UP System.

For more on UP’s linkages with other educational and research institutions, please visit the Office of Institutional Linkages website.