With the Commission on Elections finally declaring the winners of the recent senatorial elections, it is apparent that some of those who made it are new to the legislature. And with much to learn about the duties and responsibilities of members of the chamber, these senators-elect may need all the tips and help they can get.

Dr. Jean Encinas-Franco, a former Senate director turned UP professor of political science, shares a few tips for new legislators.

Inspired by the work she did on a disease whose victims rarely reach the age of 30, UP Manila-based clinical geneticist and National Institutes of Health Executive Director Eva Maria Cutiongco-de la Paz is using her knowledge of the Filipino’s genetic makeup to heal and manage serious birth defects and illnesses. And with the technology of a newly launched laboratory at the Philippine Genome Center behind her, this Dangal ng Bayan Awardee is ready to take the next step.

Promoting an awareness of federalism

She has spoken countless times on TV and radio as well as other media where her expertise in political science and forms of government were shared with wider and curious audiences. But Professor Maria Ela Atienza still feels that there is a lack of understanding of what federalism is and how it can affect people.

Meet the “Snake Lady”

No, she’s not a snake charmer. Nor is she some kind of snake whisperer. She is herpetologist Dr. Leticia “Letty” Afuang of UP Los Baños (UPLB). And while she specializes in all things reptilian and amphibian, she has become quite known as the “snake lady.”

 The UP Mindanao Dance Ensemble performing Ugat, Sanga, Dahon atbp. (Music: Dasal at Katutubong Musika (Asin)) Choreography by R.Dy, K. Morales and J.Delgado   Ira Sisa A. Apara, a UP Mindanao BA Communication Arts graduate, has been dancing all her life. She joined dance groups and ensembles as a child; then her love for […]

When the air conditioning unit inside her hotel room in Leyte woke her up with its loud noise, Edeline Payawal could not have known how her life was going to change. Payawal is an Iska whose achievements have only become more meaningful since that fateful day on November 8, 2013.

UP CSWCD alumna Marja Abad shares her Iska story (Photo by Bong Arboleda, UP MPRO)

Eight hundred kilometers southeast of Manila is Siargao Island. Much has been written in travel blogs about this surfer’s paradise, this next big thing of a tourist destination. Like many travelers, Marja Abad has been backpacking most of her life in and out of the Philippines and has gone to Siargao. However, unlike many of them who have to the island come and gone, she chose to stay.

What is a struggling artist?

The years began with a child in Argao town, Cebu, finding escape from life’s difficulties in cartoons, which he would himself draw with skills he derived from a self-taught father. His father’s realistic and pragmatic style must have left the young Wyndelle with the notion that his art was not as serious. It must have been a proud moment for him to be recognized in high school for his talent for cartooning, which found an outlet in the editorial page of the school paper.