UP issues clarification on recent CRS-AFP social media post

| Posted by UP Media and Public Relations Office

A recent post has been going around social media emanating from the Civil Relations Service AFP Facebook account. This post features Michael Eric Castillo, which the post identifies as a professor of the University of the Philippines.

The University respects and upholds the right of all its constituents to freedom of expression and academic freedom.

In relation to the said post, we would like to clarify the following: First, as of writing, Mr. Castillo is no longer affiliated with the University as a faculty member. He served as a part-time senior lecturer of UP Diliman from 2013 to 2017. The use of the title of “UP Professor” to refer to him is inaccurate and misleading.

Secondly, this post violates the rules and policies of the University of the Philippines regarding the unauthorized use of the UP seal, the UP Oblation, and the UP colors. This is not an official UP post, and the use of official UP symbols is inappropriate and improper.

We urge that this post be taken down and a clarification on the use of official UP symbols be issued to prevent further misinformation. To do otherwise is a disservice to both UP and the AFP.