UP Diliman hailed as national debate champions, bags top individual awards

| Posted by UP Media and Public Relations Office

Jazmin Jabines (3rd to the left) and Clarice Tee (center) of UP Diliman receive their national championship trophy from the Adjudication Core, composed of (from left to right) Lee Gogo, Albert Pagunsan, Nicole Tomas, Patrich Lozano, and Christian Manzano. Photo courtesy of Cebu NDC 2019 Organizing Committee.


The University of the Philippines Debate Society (UPDS) brought the trophy back home to Diliman after winning the National Debate Championship (NDC) held from December 14 to 19, 2019 at the University of San Jose – Recoletos in Cebu.

UPD A, composed of Jazmin Jabines (V – BS Business Administration) and Clarice Tee (IV – BS Business Economics), were crowned champions as they bested UPD D, made up of Jet Nicolas (V – BS Business Administration) and Alia Yao (II – BS Economics), and 2 other teams from the Ateneo de Manila University and UP Los Baños in the Open Grand Finals, on a unanimous decision by the nine-person judge panel.

Jabines swept the top individual awards after being awarded the Overall Best Speaker and Finals Best Speaker awards; while Tee received the 4th Best Speaker award. Moreover, Justin Guda (III – BS Biology) was also recognized as the Overall Best Judge of the tournament.

As in recent years, UPDS had another stellar overall contingent performance in the nationals as it sent two teams in the finals, its second feat in three years, and had eight of its teams break into the top 32 of the country, the highest number of teams from any institution for the second successive year.


UP Diliman had the largest and most successful contingent of the tournament as eight teams, the highest number from any institution for the second successive year, and 11 judges, who dominated the Top 10, participated in the break rounds. Photo courtesy of Cebu NDC 2019 Organizing Committee.


Neal Gellaco (III – BS Psychology) and Miguel Sulit (II – BS Business Administration & Accountancy) of UPD H; Ferdin Sanchez (V – BA Journalism) and Nicky Solis (III – BS Economics) of UPD B; and, CJ Carlos (I – BS Civil Engineering) and Josh Encinas (V – BS Business Administration) of UPD E all reached the Open Quarterfinals.

Three other teams broke into but did not compete in the break rounds due to the five-team institutional break cap in NDC: Bea Legaspi (I – BS Economics) and Najwa Uñga (II – BA Political Science) of UPD J; Pep Danguilan (II – BS Chemical Engineering) and Miguel Yulo (II – BS Physics) of UPD C; and, Gillian Sandigan (II – BA Sociology) and Gabriel Sulit (III – BS Business Administration) of UPD G.

Meanwhile, after sweeping the top judge awards of the British Parliamentary season, the organization once again showed exemplary performance as 11 of its adjudicators judged the out-rounds, with five ranking in the Top 10.

Aside from Guda who topped the judge tabs, Jesus Reyna III (lV – BS Civil Engineering) ranked 3rd; Micol Cansino (BS Business Administration 2019), 5th; Daine Torregosa (III – Malikhaing Pagsulat), 6th; and, Tim Gamez (II – BA Sociology), 7th.

Six other judges were included among the breaking adjudicators (Top 30): Jonathan Tuliao (III – BS Electronics and Communications Engineering) judged the Open Quarterfinals; Jae Mantuano (I – BS Business Economics), Marco Dava (III – BS Industrial Engineering), and Paco Berba (I – BS Interior Design) judged the Open Octofinals; and, Denzel Golla (IV – BA Sociology) and Czarina Endaya (II – BA English Studies) judged the Union Cup Finals. Endaya was also recognized as a member of the Shadow Adjudication Core.

Nicole Tomas (BA Political Science 2019) was also an elected member of this year’s NDC Adjudication Core. Tee will represent UP Diliman in next year’s edition.