Strategic Plan

University of the Philippines Strategic Plan 2017-2023

UP as a leading regional and global university in an environment that sustains 21st century learning, knowledge creation and public service for society and humanity. That is the vision of the UP System administration under the leadership of President Danilo L. Concepcion.
Taking its cue from the mandates of Republic Act 9500, the UP Charter of 2008, the administration has crafted this strategic plan that will drive the direction of the University in the next six years.

Concepcion and his team, guided by the UP values of honor and excellence, endeavor to further strengthen the University in carrying out its main functions—knowledge creation and public service.

The administration recognizes UP’s stature and role as the country’s national university, and therefore aims to steer its activities toward achieving the overarching goal of contributing to national development.

To do this, the University environment must continue to provide, support, and promote the right conditions for the creation and proliferation of new and innovative knowledge as well as the delivery of timely, relevant, and meaningful public service. Achieving the right conditions entails promoting access and diversity, optimizing the use of resources, and improving the welfare of UP constituents.

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