Memorandum No. PAEP 17-09: Additional Assignment of Research and Extension Fellows of the Resilience Institute

| Written by UP Media and Public Relations Office


As you are aware through Memorandum No. PAEP 16-67 of 20 December 2016, the Board of Regents at its 1319th Meeting on 28 July 2016 established the new System-wide Resilience Institute at UP or Resilience lnstitute at the University of the Philippines for Disaster Risk Reduction and Management.

The Resilience Institute shall have the following functions and programs concerning multi-hazard, multi-disciplinary, multi-sectoral, comprehensive DRRM:

1) Research and Creative Work: undertake policy research, action research, and interdisciplinary or transdisciplinary research or creative work;
2) Knowledge Sharing: disseminate research findings, creative works and innovations;
3) Education: establish non-degree educational programs and support degree programs within the UP System;
4) Institution Building: improve the capability of the UP System as an agent of change [for…] disaster resilience in the Philippines and the Pacific Rim region.

Detailed documents about the establishment of the Rl at UP were earlier circulated and may be downloaded from the UP System webpage.

  1. Fellows and Junior Fellows

Professor Benito M. Pacheco of the Institute of Civil Engineering of UP Diliman has been appointed by the BOR as the first Executive Director. Through his report I am very glad to learn that to this date nearly 100 faculty members from all the 8 CUs of UP had send their individual Expressions of Interest to receive appointments in additional assignment basis as Research and Extension Fellow or Research and Extension Junior Fellow without additional compensation.

To further hasten the process of self-organization of the Resilience Institute human resource pool for the period February-July 2017, I enjoin all interested regular faculty members (regular full time and, in some cases of a few CUs, regular part time) to accomplish and submit online the Resilience Institute at UP for DRRM Form 101-EOI, on or before Tuesday, 7 February 2017. The online form is available at the following URL:

For the initial appointment in February-July 2017, no Research Load Credits will be assigned yet. Instead, a Fellow or Junior Fellow may receive funding and logistical support according to the budget of the start-up project where s/he is engaged (e.g., honoraria commensurate and applicable to the involvement of the Fellow or Junior Fellow). Appointments shall be renewable annually, ideally coinciding with the academic year, e.g. August 2017 -July 2018.

Instructors, non-regular faculty and alumni who likewise send their expression of interest shall be invited by the Resilience Institute in a special involvement.

Guidelines for Research & Extension Fellows and Junior Fellows, attached to Memorandum No. PAEP 16-67 of 20 December 2016, shall apply.

III. Organization, 5-Year plan, Programs and projects

Subsequently we shall search for CU Coordinators, Theme Coordinators, Financial Coordinator, Program Managers, Project Managers, and Project Leaders for the Resilience Institute. Start-up projects shall be invited from among the Fellows and Junior Fellows. A workshop among Fellows and Junior Fellows shall be organized soon for the crafting of 5-Year Plan.

Budget, initial plans and the initial roster of Fellows and Junior Fellows shall be announced at a joint event at the Institute of Biology, College of Science, UP Diliman on Thursday, 9 February at 9AM-12NN.

Other inquiries may be addressed to:

Alfredo E. Pascual