Int’l Archaeologists to hold Conference on Homo luzonensis & Hominin record of Southeast Asia

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International and local archaeologists will convene in an international conference on the Homo luzonensis and Hominin record of Southeast Asia on February 3 to 4 at the College of Science Auditorium, University of the Philippines Diliman, Quezon City; and on February 5 to 6, at Hotel Buntun, Tuguegarao City. This event is organized by the Archaeological Studies Program, University of the Philippines, Diliman, with the support of the University of the Philippines System, the Wenner Gren Foundation, the National Museum of the Philippines, the Provincial Government of Cagayan, the Local Government of Quezon City, and the UP Alpha Sigma Fraternity.

This conference will center on archaeological findings from Callao Cave, Peñablanca, Cagayan Valley obtained during previous archaeological excavations. Among the significant artefacts analyzed were a foot bone and human teeth of the newly discovered species of hominin, Homo luzonensis. This adds to the paleoanthropological record of Homo floresiensis from the island of Flores, Indonesia first reported in 2004, and the Late Pleistocene hominin record of East and Southeast Asia. These archaeological findings have laid enough basis to re-examine existing knowledge on human evolution, migration, colonization and the interaction of human species in prehistoric Southeast Asia.

This conference will have nine sessions featuring internationally-acclaimed archaeologists who were invited to present individual discussions on the following topics:

  • Palaeoanthropology of luzonensis;
  • Evolutionary history and archaeological record of floresiensis;
  • Hominin dispersal and evolution on islands;
  • The origins and timing of dispersal of hominins in Southeast Asia;
  • The archaeological background of Callao Cave; and
  • The Pleistocene archaeological record of the Philippines.
  • The use bio-chemistry in Paleoanthropology

To pre-register to this conference, you may fill this up:

Deadline is on or before January 31, 2020 (Friday). Because of the limited number of seats, we will be prioritizing those who are able to attend both days of the conference. You will receive an email for confirmation of your slot.

Please note the following: Snacks will be served. Book of abstracts, IDs and certificate will be provided.

Conference Invite Dates: February 3 to 4 2020

Event Address: UP College of Science Auditorium P. Velasquez Street, Quezon City, NCR 1101



This event has very limited seating capacity and is BY INVITATION ONLY. Please confirm your attendance by sending an email to for more information.