How did scenes in the film Heneral Luna rekindle our patriotic and nationalistic sensibilities? Or how did a line in the song “Bituing Walang Ningning” draw the Filipino audience to that showdown moment between Dorina and Lavinia in the movie of the same title? Most moviegoers probably don’t know it, but it’s the music that gives depth to cinematic storytelling.

A Haven for Everyone

The University of the Philippines is the country’s national university—the home of thinkers who help shape the nation. It is also a compassionate and nurturing University committed to honor and excellence. The University environment has always been a welcoming place, a place to turn to for refuge, healing, and enrichment. Here is a look at the University as a haven, a sanctuary of and for the people.

When the air conditioning unit inside her hotel room in Leyte woke her up with its loud noise, Edeline Payawal could not have known how her life was going to change. Payawal is an Iska whose achievements have only become more meaningful since that fateful day on November 8, 2013.

UP CSWCD alumna Marja Abad shares her Iska story (Photo by Bong Arboleda, UP MPRO)

Eight hundred kilometers southeast of Manila is Siargao Island. Much has been written in travel blogs about this surfer’s paradise, this next big thing of a tourist destination. Like many travelers, Marja Abad has been backpacking most of her life in and out of the Philippines and has gone to Siargao. However, unlike many of them who have to the island come and gone, she chose to stay.

“Health is a very difficult agenda. In local politics today, no one will believe you when you define health as a campaign issue by giving out ‘free’ PhilHealth. That era is over. There are a lot of health issues that can be solved without doctors and just by governance,” says Del Carmen’s man of action, Mayor Alfredo M. Coro II.

“Life begins kapag hindi ka na nag-iinarte,” so the UP Mountaineers say. What could this actually mean for the longest running mountaineering organization in the country? Its forty years tell us how UP Mountaineers pioneered and sustained mountaineering as a consequential sport. More importantly, it showed how mountaineering is not just about literally reaching the summit, but going beyond it.

It is impossible to miss those electric colors—shifting from olive green to brown or dark green to violet; those shining in brilliant shades of blue and green; or the ones freckling in mixed colors of yellow, green, and brown; and especially those looking regal in mottled patterns of yellow-brown, green or gray—when passing through the waters of Silaqui Island in Bolinao, Pangasinan. Their luminescence is matched by their gigantic size, which make them the darling giants of the North.

For some people in this unique office, a day at work means getting up at the break of dawn to sail off to a nearby reef, and spend the rest of the day on an island in the sun, the salt crusting on their arms. Some stay behind at headquarters, tending saltwater tanks where colorful marine creatures reside. On the waves or onshore, these workers have special skills meant to sustain life in our vast and resource-rich oceans.