A small area tucked away in the Institute of Biological Sciences of the University of the Philippines in Los Baños gives proof to the saying that good things come in little packages. The wards of the UPLB Bee Program are no bigger than one’s thumb, but they are able to provide a livelihood and a whole range of products to those who are interested.

Fighting Leptospirosis with a local vaccine

“It takes 10 to 14 years to develop a vaccine,” says Dr. Nina Gloriani of the University of the Philippines Manila College of Public Health. And that’s not counting the intervening periods where one attends to other professional and personal activities which also require time and attention. Recently however, she and her team have registered the proof of concept for LeptoVax, the first locally produced vaccine against the Leptospirosis bacteria.

“At 22, people say that I am ‘accomplished’ and they expect that I’ll be even more accomplished as I grow. This induces a lot of pressure, and the fear of not living up to people’s expectations can cripple anyone. However, I have to remind myself that these accolades are just decoration. The real work lies […]

At its 1324th meeting on January 26, 2017, the Board of Regents of the University of the Philippines approved the UP Anti-Sexual Harassment Code, finally adopting into policy a proposal by gender advocates in the University which had been in the works for almost a decade.