Another surge? UP webinar to talk about COVID-19 updates, rising cases

| Written by Deina Blancaflor

COVID-19 infections are once again increasing around the globe. The World Health Organization (WHO) points to waning immunity from vaccination and the emergence of new sub-variants Omicron BA.4 and BA.5 as the main reasons for the spike in cases.

Although data shows fewer people have been hospitalized, and most infections are mild, this is not the same for everyone. Senior citizens and immunocompromised populations have always been at the highest risk for COVID and its complications. Recent reviews show that a higher number of severe COVID-19 cases and deaths are found in a “U-shape” of extreme ages among seniors and those under six.

The vaccination rollout for children below age six only started a few months ago. While it was established that the benefits of vaccinating against COVID greatly outweigh the risks, we still do not know much about the apparent dangers of the disease should these children get infected.

What is the course of COVID-19 in children below six years old? What is the prevalence of severe COVID in them? As these children may be unable to verbalize their experience, what are early signs that they may be infected? Where are we on the vaccination rollout for the under-six age group?

This July 15, from 12nn to 2 pm, the University of the Philippines (UP), in partnership with UP Manila National Institutes of Health (UP-NIH), National Telehealth Center (NTC), and cooperation with UP Philippine General Hospital (UP-PGH), invite you to join the fight against C.O.V.I.D—current COVID-19 problems, other outbreaks, viruses, infections, and disasters.

In this episode of UP’s “Stop COVID Deaths webinar series, titled “DUMADAMI ANG KASO: Sino ang nagkaka-severe COVID. Ngayon?” we take a closer look at the latest surge and which groups are at higher risk for hospitalization and death.

Dr. John Q. Wong, Co-Founder and Senior Technical Adviser at EpiMetrics, Inc., will present the results of a two-year review of COVID-19 data from the Philippines.

Dr. Marissa M. Alejandra, President of the Philippine Society for Microbiology and Infectious Disease (PISMID) and a Professor at the Clinical Epidemiology Unit at UP-NIH, will provide a general update on the increase in cases, including more information on the new sub-variants, and a discussion on treatment and prevention of spread.

Register here and catch our weekly live tweets and streams via the UP System Twitter Account and TVUP’s YouTube channel and Facebook page. The pandemic is far from over, and with the waning immunity from primary vaccine doses one to two years ago, we continue to push for booster shots to strengthen our walls of immunity. Please stay connected with your credible online community, so we hope to see you this Friday!

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