A Statement from the President

| Written by President Danilo L. Concepcion

A Facebook post made by a Regent of the University of the Philippines has been making the rounds of social media, advocating the use of violence against members of the men’s basketball team of the Ateneo de Manila University.

While this regent has deleted the post and has apologized for its contents, claiming that they were made in jest, I wish to make it clear the University of the Philippines takes these statements seriously and dissociates itself from the post and from the actuations of this regent, matters which I intend to take up with the Board of Regents.

They do not in any way represent the values of the University, and the high esteem in which it holds sportsmanship, fair play, and civility in athletics as well as in other aspects of our academic and social life. Let the UAAP championship resume in the noblest of spirits and intentions. UP Fight! One Big Fight! Mabuhay ang pagkakaisa at diwa ng Katipunan!

02 December 2018